Zinch (2006 - Present)

Connecting students with schools & scholarships.

I founded Zinch in the Fall of 2006, along with Sid Krommenhoek and Brad Hagen. A few years in, we welcomed Anne Dwane to be CEO. Zinch was acquired by Chegg in the Fall of 2011. In total we raised just over $5mm in venture capital. At the time of the acquisition we had around 80 employees. We had grown Zinch to an international, 8-figure revenue-run-rate startup that served millions of students and 800+ colleges & universities.

This page is not meant to be the authoritative history of the Zinch experience - no single perspective could give the story justice. Since inception I was leading product and design. This page is simply a way to show some of my design and creative work with Zinch.

Product Screenshots & Designs

It's been 2+ years since I've been involved with Zinch. Under Chegg, the Zinch product has changed a lot. Here is how the product looked/evolved while I was leading it. Interesting to see my growth as a product designer.

Homepage Evolution

Student Profile

College Profile

Student Search (Admissions Officer Tool)

Love (Messaging System)

Schools & Scholarships

Random Community Stuff

I am more than a test score.

Marketing & Branding

Much of this came in the form of printed materials. For convenience I've combined front/back on many of these.

For Students / High School Counselors

For Admissions Officers

Various Posters

Early Pitch Deck

Various components of our constantly-evolving pitch deck from 2007.

Zinch Videos

We made two "explainer" videos for Zinch. I was creative director, wrote the scripts, and provided my voice services. :) I collaborated w/ Jonathan Haggard on illustrations and video production.

This one was made for students (and my personal favorite).

This one was made for college admissions officers.

The old way colleges would recruit students would be based on test scores. With Zinch, students could show that they were much more than a test score. Here are a few fun/silly videos that emphasize that message. :)

Zinch vs ACT. Huge culture difference.

"Test Scores Suck" chant inside school hallway

"Test Scores Suck" at a college fair.

Shopping Cart Wars.

Throwing fish in Seattle.

"I am more than a test score."

Riceball Throwing

Montage of various videos.

Sneaking into Churchill Downs

Hawaiian Bridge Jumpers

The Turkey Dance

The Hang Glider

Joe Football

Different Area Codes

Zinch Freestyle Rap

Button Man - Part 1

Button Man - Part 2

Button Man - Part 3

The Sandman


A few videos from around the office.

Finally finishing the big rewrite. Jan 2011.

Global conference call w/ global team. Fall 2010.

Minute to Win it games w/ team. Fall 2010.

Zinch China. Aug 2010.

Zinch SF Happy Hour. May 2010.

Pre-Zinch days at Princeton. I had been thinking about college admissions (and inefficiencies therein) with some classmates. I also wrote a blog post about some serendipitous moments that occurred in those pre-Zinch days.