I sometimes spit rhymes

You can call me the Hip Hop Rudy -- zero talent, but no shortage of effort.

I've always wanted to be a rapper. So as part of one of my startups, I decided to make my dreams a reality. Below you can see some of my work -- or lack thereof. My oldest brother is who first got me into Hip Hop. He and his friends would make music videos to songs like Mo Money Mo Problems, or compete at local talent shows pretending they were the Jackson 5 (not exactly hip hop but close enough). I remember at church he'd sometimes write rhymes on scratch paper. I picked up some of those habits and have a folder full of my own rhymes. I love hip hop.

"We Need An Angel"

This was a creative way for us to attract funding (and attention). You can learn more about this campaign at my Undrip page.

In conjunction with the main video above, we also did a few shorter videos targeted at a few specific investors (below are a few samples). These ones clearly didn't have the same production values -- it was designed to look more freestyle-esque.

For Andreesen Horowitz

For Ron Conway

For Ashton Kutcher

For Chris Sacca

For Gary V

For Kevin Rose

For Mark Cuban

For Mike Arrington

We were invited to perform live at a Silicon Valley holiday party (in front of MC Hammer)

"Hip Hop is storytelling." - Raquel Cepeda

"Lucky Ones"

When Hurricane Sandy hit in 2012, many small business owners and entrepreneurs were effected. Our team created a campaign called "Lucky Ones" in an effort to raise money for these small businesses (we identified 3 specific businesses to help). We had 25 of some of the top entrepreneurs and investors appear in the video. We raised thousands of dollars to help them get back up and running. It was a fulfilling experience and I hope to do more of this type of thing. I rap the first verse. You can learn more about this campaign at my Undrip page.

Here's just the Undrip team (basically a lot more of me pretending like I know what I'm doing).