Memories easily fade. Feelings are often fleeting. Photos are what hold these special moments together. I have an SLR but most often enjoy the constraint of the iPhone -- constraint fosters creativity. Most of my latest work can be found at my Instagram.


I like to capture moments of the people I love most. All from iPhone.


Out and about. Also mostly iPhone.

Messy Rooms Collection

This was a collection I did while at Princeton. I tried to find the messiest, dirtiest, most cluttered rooms on campus. My goal was to make it feel like you -- the viewer -- were living this reality, tripping all over this mess.

"Photography is more than a medium for factual communication of ideas. It is a creative art." ― Ansel Adams

Life at Princeton

I did a lot of lifestyle photography at Princeton. Clubs and organizations would hire me to document their events, performances, and parties. I also started a business where I sold photos to parents of students (it went nowhere). I wrote this blog post about how I was able to get into any event I wanted for free with some hustle and creativity.