Dancing Fool

My mother is Guatemalan. My half-latin booty wants to shake.

From a blog post I wrote in 2006:
"I love to dance. It’s one of those things that’s in my bones. I’m not saying that i’m good at it. All i’m saying is that I really enjoy it. Once I hear a beat somewhere... my feet start moving. My insides start to do weird things. It’s uncontrollable. The dragon is unleashed and from that point to when the music stops... i’m possessed by some dancing spirit that enters into my soul and I TURN, TWIST, JIVE, SHAKE, BOUNCE, JUMP, SLIDE, and of course smile. It’s nuts. It’s one of those things in life that I can’t explain. No one can. I become a puppet to the dancing spirit and I just let it control me. Feel the music. Feel the rhythm. Feel the beat. And let the this dancing fool do his thing."

Old School

My wife and I made a few dance videos early in our marriage (pre kids). These were made at our first little apartment together in Utah.

Made in 2009. This is the Bollywood dance at the end of the movie, Slumdog Millionaire (Jai ho song). Our video got more than 2 million views on Youtube. I gained weight in those early, stressful years of Zinch.

Made in 2007. This was a popular dance to the song "Crank That" by Soulja Boy Tell'em. Lotsa other videos from other people doing this.

Only recently released, this was a sweet Valentine's Day gift my wife gave to me in 2008. She did a dance to "Hey Mickey."


My first organized dance experience.

BodyHype is a student-run dance group at Princeton. It was the first time I had joined an official dance group and had to learn choreography. Up until then it was always freestyle. My time with BodyHype was memorable. It was the closest sense of "team" and "community" I felt during all my time at Princeton. We practiced hours at a time, three times a week for the entire year. Grew close with the people here. I share a little bit about how I joined in this blog post and how it set me on the trajectory of entrepreneurship.

I only could find some video from the Spring show (watch below). I personally liked the Fall show better.

From a personal blog post I wrote in 2006, during my first (and only) year at Princeton.

BodyHype is so much fun. Some of the best friends I’ve made at Princeton are people in BodyHype. I’m glad I got into it. We spend so much time together that it seems almost impossible to not appreciate one another and learn from their experiences, backgrounds and beliefs. People of all different religious backgrounds, ethnic backgrounds, sexual orientation. We often share life stories and experiences. We’re open with each other and we talk about what we believe... what makes us tick... and what we ultimately want in life. Sometimes we agree with each other. Sometimes we don’t. But we respect each other and for the most part we’re able to see, understand, and appreciate each other’s perspective. We are all brothers and sisters... battling through life... trying to survive... often times facing the same struggles. We all seek happiness. We all seek victory.

"Lucky Ones" Dance Video

This was part of the "Lucky Ones" campaign. Fun video to make in conjunction with the main video.

"Dance is the hidden language of the soul." ― Martha Graham


I'm lucky to be surrounded by people who also love to dance.

This was an epic Michael Jackson flash mob my wife did with some friends in Union Square, SF. Rachel has the hat on. From 2011.

My Guatemalan grandparents know how to groove... even into their 70's. Love them. Filmed in 2010.